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Lauder (8  May  1808) Unable to identify specific work with certainty. The following coincide with WG's interests at this time:
Laudér, WilliamAn essay on Milton's use and imitation of the moderns in his Paradise lost. With some observations on the Paradise regain'd. 1741
Also published in 1750.
Laudér, WilliamA letter to the Reverend Mr. Douglas: occasioned by his Vindication of Milton; to which are subjoined several curious original letters from the authors of Universal history, Mr. Ainsworth, Mr. Maclaurin, &c. By William lauder, A.M. 1751
Lauder, GeorgeOn the most horrid and terrible treason … committed upon the sacred person of … Charles … King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, &c. by a base crue of cursed conspirators. [In verse. Signed: G. L. i.e. George Lauder.] 1649
Lauder, AlexanderThe ancient bishops consider'd; both with respect to the extent of their jurisdiction, and nature of their power. In answer to Mr. Chillingworth and others. Wherein the conformity of the government and discipline of the Church of Scotland, with that of the ancient church, is fully manifested: and it is made evident, that the ministers of the gospel … are not presbyters but bishops … By Alexander Lauder. 1707

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