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Vertot, Portugal, p. 56 (29  December  1807) Vertot, Rene Aubert de Vertot, abbe deThe history of the revolution in Portugal, in the year, 1640. Or, An account of their revolt from Spain, and setting the crown on the head of Don John of Braganza, father to Don Pedro, the present king, and Catharine Queen Dowager of England. Written in French by the excellent pen of the Abbot Vertat [sic], (author of the History of the revolution of Sweden) and done into English. 1700
In French:
Vertot, Rene Aubert de Vertot, abbe deHistoire de la conjuration de Portugal en 1640. 1689
Later editions, enlarged, were published under the titles: Histoire des révolutions de Portugal and Révolutions de Portugal.
WG's sale catalog lists:
Vertot, Revolutions de Portugal, Syede, la Republique Romaine, &c. 11 vol. (item 722).

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