William Godwin's Diary

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Burdet, pp. 5 (19  June  1807) Possibly one of the following:
Burdet, Thomas (editor and publisher)Charles I, King of EnglandHis Majesties speech to the peers of Scotland; concerning presbyteriall government. With the answer of the Scottish nobility to his Majesty at Newcastle. Together with a brief relation, of another defeat given to the rebels in the north of Ireland, by the British army, since the breaking off of the treaty at Dublin. Also the Lord Lisles propositions concerning that kingdom. 1646
Burdet, JohnThe resolution of the Prince of Wales, concerning the landing of his army in the Isle of Loving-land, within the county of Suffolk, and his propositions to all Englishmen, concerning his engagement for King, city, & kingdom against the army, & to fight for their liberties, freedom & priviledges. Likevvise, the further proceedings of the Royall Navie, under his Highness the D. of York, and the declaration of the seamen in the Isle of VVight and Portsmouth, concerning the Kings Majesty and the Fleet Royall. 1648
Both of these items are 6 pages in length, the closest match with the length of WG's reading.

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