William Godwin's Diary

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Spenser, çala (9  April  1807) Possibly WG reads one of the following:
Spenser, EdmundA view of the state of Ireland, written dialogue-wise betweene Eudoxus and Irenaeus, in the year 1596. 1633
Spenser, EdmundThe faerie queene. Disposed into twelue books, fashioning XII. morall vertues. 1590; 1609 with the Mutability cantos.
Spenser, EdmundWarton, ThomasObservations on the fairy queen of Spenser. 1762
WG could be reading the new 1807 edition.
WG's sale catalog lists:
Spenser's (Edm.) View of the State of Ireland, temp. Elizabeth Dubl. 1763 (item 693).
Spenser's Faerie Queene, with notes by Ralph Church, 4 vol. 1758 (item 694).
Spenser:--Observations on the Faerie Queene, by T. Warton, manuscript notes by W. Huggins, translator of Ariosto 1754 (item 695).
Spenser: Observations on the Faerie Queene, by T. Warton, 2 vol. 1807 (item 696).
Spenser's Faerie Queene, Twelve Bookes, Fashioning twelve Morall Vertues, russia 1609 (item 894).

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