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Waller, çala (10  August  1805) Waller, EdmundPoems, &c. written by Ed. Waller of Beckonsfield Esquire: lately a member of the Honourable House of Commons; and printed by copy of his own handwriting; all lyrick poems in this booke were set by Mr. Henry Lavves, Gent. of Kings Chappell, and one of his majesties Private Musick; printed and published according to order. 1645
Waller, WilliamVindication of the character and conduct of Sir William Waller, … commander in chief of the Parliament forces in the West, explanatory of his conduct in taking up arms against Charles the First. (Written by himself.) and now first published from the original manuscript, with an introduction by the editor. 1793
WG's sale catalog lists:
Waller's (Edm.) Poems, from his own hand-writing 1645 (item 733).
Waller's (Sir Will.) vindication of his Character and Conduct, manuscript notes 1793 (item 734).

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