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Davies (14  April  1805) Unable to identify specific work read by WG. Possibly one of the following listed in his sale catalog:
Davies, Sir JohnA discoverie of the true causes why Ireland was neuer entirely subdued nor brought vnder obedience of the crowne of England, vntill the beginning of His Maiesties happie raigne. 1612
1747 reprinted exactly from the edition of 1612.
Davies, Sir JohnThe original, nature and immortality of the soul. A poem. With an introduction concerning humane knowledge. 1697
Davies, Sir JohnHistorical Tracts: by Sir John Davies…: consisting of 1. A discovery of the true cause why Ireland was never brought under obedience of the crown of England. 2. A letter to the Earl of Salisbury on the state of Ireland, in 1607 [or rather, 1606]. 3. A letter to the Earl of Salisbury, in 1610; giving an account of the plantation in Ulster. 4. A speech to the Lord-Deputy in 1613, tracing the ancient constitution of Ireland. To which is prefixed a new life of the author [by the editor, George Chalmers], etc. 1786
Massinger, PhilipDavies, Thomas (author of the life of Massinger)The dramatick works of Philip Massinger complete, in four volumes. Revised and corrected, with notes critical and explanatory, by John Monck Mason, Esqu. To which are added, … Critical reflections on the old English dramatick writers; and a short essay on the life and writings of Massinger, … 1779
OR separately published:
Davies, ThomasSome account of the life of Philip Massinger. 1779
WG's sale catalog lists:
Davies's (Sir John) Discoverie of the True Causes why Ireland was never entirely
subdued 1612, reprint, 1747 (item 179).
Davies's (Sir John) Original and Immortality of the Soul, Glasgow, Foulis, 1749 (item
Davies's (Sir John) Historical Tracts, with Life by George Chalmers 1786 (item 181).
T. Davies' Life of P. Massinger, 1789, privately printed (item 201).

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