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Jonson (19  November  1804) Unable to identify specific work read by WG. Since he already records reading Ben Jonson's Volpone on this date, he may be surveying Jonson's works in a collection. The earliest collection of Jonson's works is:
Jonson, BenThe workes of Benjamin Jonson. 1616
This collection contains: Every man in his hvmovr; Cynthias revels; Poetaster; Seianvs his fall; Volpone; Epicoene, or The silent woman; The alchemist, Catiline his conspiracy; Epigrammes 1. booke; The forest; Part of the kings entertainment in passing to his coronation; A panegyric on the happie entrance of Iames, our soveraigne, to his first high session of Parliament; A particular entertainment of qveenes and prince … at Althrope; Masques at covrt. The following is known as the second volume of Jonson's works:
Jonson, BenThe workes of Benjamin Jonson: the second volume: containing these plays, viz. 1 Bartholomew Fayre. 2 The staple of newes. 3 The Divell is an asse. 1631
And the following collection of his plays is known as the third volume:
Jonson, BenThe workes of Benjamin Jonson. 1640-41
contains the following:
Christmas, his masque ( 1640); Underwoods ( 1640); and Mortimer his fall ( 1640); The magnetick lady ( 1640); A tale of a tub ( 1640); The sad shepherd ( 1641); Horace, his art of poetrie ( 1640); The English grammar ( 1640); Timber ( 1641). WG's sale catalog lists:
Jonson's (Ben) Plays, imp. 1616—Plays, &c 1640, imp.; 2 vol. (item 851).

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