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Milton, çala (7  May  1804) WG may have been reading from one of the following editions of Milton's poems:
Milton, JohnPoems of Mr. John Milton, both English and Latin, compos'd at several times: printed by his true copies. 1645
Milton, JohnPoems, &c. upon several occasions, both English and latin, &c. Composed at several times by Mr. John Milton; with a small tractate of education to Mr. Hartlib.; Joannis Miltoni Londinensis poemata.; Of education. 1673
Milton, JohnPoems upon several occasions, English, Italian, and Latin, with translations, by John Milton. Viz. Lycidas, l'allegro, il penseroso, arcades, comus, odes, sonnets, miscellanies, english psalms, elegiarum liber, epigrammatum liber, sylvanum liber. With notes critical and explanatory, and other illustrations, by Thomas Warton, Fellow of Trinity College and Late Professor of Poetry at Oxford. 1785
The same title was published in 1791.
Given the list of contents and the fact that WG is reading elegies and sylvae around this time, this is likely the text he is reading, though perhaps in the 1673 edition.
OR if he is reading Milton's prose at this time:
Milton, JohnThe works of John Milton. (only the prose) 1697
WG's sale catalog lists several collections of Milton's works, including:
Milton's Poems, English and Latin, first edition, by Marshall 1645 (item 537).
Milton's Poems, &c. upon several occasions, port. 1673 (item 545).
Milton's Poems, upon several occasions, with notes by T. Warton 1791 (item 547).
Milton's (J.) Works, 2 vol. 1697-98 (item 864).

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