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& Marvel, çala (3  April  1804) Unable to identify the specific work WG is reading. Possibly one of the following listed in his sale catalog:
Marvell, AndrewThe rehearsal transpos'd: or, Animadversions upon a late book, intituled, A preface shewing what grounds there are of fears and jealousies of popery. 1672
The rehearsal transpos'd: the second part: Occasioned by two letters: The first printed, by a nameless author [S. Parker], intituled, A reproof, &c. The second letter left for me at a friends house, dated Nov. 3. 1673. subscribed J. G. and concluding with these words, If thou darest to print or publish any lie or libel against Doctor Parker, by the eternal God I will cut thy throat. Answered by Andrew Marvell. 1673
WG's sale catalog lists:
Marvell's (A.) Rehearsal Transposed, with the Reproof to the Rehearsal Transposed, by the author of Ecclesiastical Politie, 3 vol. 1672-3 (item 523).

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