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Cowley, çala (31  March  1804) Unable to identify the specific work WG is reading. Possibly one of the following listed in his sale catalog.
Cowley, AbrahamThe Mistress, or Seuerall copies of love-verses. Written by Mr. A. Cowley. 1647
Cowley, AbrahamPoems, viz. 1. Miscellanies. II. The mistress, or Love verses. III. Pindaresque odes, and IV. Davideis, or, a sacred poem of the troubles of David. 1656
Cowley, AbrahamThe works of Mr. Abraham Cowley. Consisting of those which were formerly printed and those which he designed for the press, now publish'd out of the author's original copies. (6 volumes) 1668
Includes life by Sprat, Miscellanies, Mistress, Pindaris odes, Davideis, occasional verses, discourse on Cromwel's government, essays.
The 1707 edition includes Cutter of Coleman Street.
WG's sale catalog lists:
Cowley's (Abr.) Mistress, or seuerall Copies of Love-verses, 1647.
Cowley's (A.) Poems and Plays, 3 vol. 1707-8.
Cowley's (Abr.) Poems 1656.

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