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Pierce Plowman (6  July  1803) Langland, WilliamThe vision of Pierce Plowman, now fyrste imprynted by Roberte Crowley, dwellyng in Ely rentes in Holburne. Anno Domine 1505. 1550. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. 1550 1st ed. London: Roberte Crowley
‘The date 1505, evidently a misprint for 1550, is partly blotted out on the t.p., and 1550 printed below.' ‘Authorship much disputed.' (WC)
WG may be reading the edition below (See 1803-07-18 where WG is reading Proofs of Plowman.):
Langland, WilliamTyrwhit, Thomas (editor)The Vision of Pierce Plowman, now fyrste imprynted by R. Crowley, etc. [Attributed to William Langland.] B.L. MS. notes [by T. Tyrwhit]. 1550
‘The date has been corrected in MS. to 1505.'
WG's biography of Chaucer cites:
Tyrwhit vs Spenser on Pierce Plowman (2:402-3)

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