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Bavaria (17  February  1803) WG may be referring to the discrepancy he discovered in reports of the marriage of Matilda, eldest daughter of Henry duke of Lancaster. In his biography of Chaucer, he includes the following note:
‘In the Inquisitio post Mortem taken at the decease of duke Henry, her father, (Esc. 35 E. 3, p. 1, n. 122),' she is reported married to William earl of Holland,' but in the Inquisitio post Mortem, Esc. 36 E. 3, p. 1, n. 37, taken at the decease of Matilda,' she is called ‘the wife of William duke of Bavaria.' (Life of Chaucer 1804 edition, volume 1, note a, pp. 412-413).

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