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Herald's College, Townsend (15  February  1803) Possibly WG refers to:
College of Arms (of Great Britain)A general registry of births, kept at the Heralds Office on St. Bennet's Hill near St. Paul's, London. 1747
OR personally consults:
Townsend, Francis, esq., Windsor Herald in his Majesty's College of Arms, who aided WG in obtaining a copy of a document referred to in ‘the Life of Chaucer prefixed to Urry's edition of his works,' a document which according to WG would question the received date for Chaucer's birth: ‘a roll in a cause of chivalry between [sir Richard le] Scrope and [sir Richard] Grosvenour, 10 R. 2. communicated to Mr. Urry by John Anstis Esq; Garter Principal King at Arms' (Urry, qtd. in WG's Life of Chaucer 1804 edition, colume 1, xix-xx).

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