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Gower, çala (20  January  1803) Gower, JohnDe confessione amantis. 1532
in Biographia Britannica: or, The lives of the most eminent persons who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest ages, down to the present times: collected from the best authorites, both printed and manuscript, and digested in the manner of Mr Bayle's historical and critical dictionary. … (7 volumes) 1747-1766
(According to the second edition, the compilers were Henry Brougham, Dr. John Campbell, William Harris, Philip Morant, William Oldys, and Mr. Hinton.)
WG's biography of Chaucer cites:
‘manuscript dedication of an improved copy of the Vox Clamantis, to Arundel archbishop of Canterbury … MSS. Oxon. in coll. Omn. Animarum, No. 26, apud Bio. Britan. art. Gower (1:336).

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