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St Francis (11  January  1803) Bonaventure, SaintLa vita del glorioso seraphico pa[t]re messer San Francesco. 1477
In English:
Bonaventure, SaintBrowne, Anthony Maria, viscount Montagu (translator)The life of the holie father S. Francis, Writen by Saint Bonauenture, and as it is related by the Reuerend Father Aloysius Lipomanus Bishop of Vern. In his fourth tome of the life of Saintes. 1610
WG's sale catalog lists:
S. Bonaventure's Life and Litanies of St. Francis, transl. at Cowdray, by Anthony Brown, Second Viscount Montague, and dedicated to Lady Winefred Englefield, Doway, 1635 (item 68).

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