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Andrews (1  October  1802) Andrews, James PetitThe history of Great Britain, connected with the chronology of Europe , with notes, &c. Containing ancecdotes of the times, lives, of the learned, and specimens of their works. By James Petit Andrews, … 1794
Andrews, James PetitHistory of Great Britain, from the death of Henry VIII. to the accession of James VI…. Being a continuation of Dr. Henry's History of Great Britain, and written on the same plan. By James Petit Andrews, … Vol. 1. 1791
WG's sale catalog lists:
Andrew's (J. P.) History of Great Britain, in Continuation of Dr. Henry's History, vol. 1 1791 (item 327).
Andrew's History of Great Britain, connected with the Chronology of Europe, 2 vol. 1794 (item 328).

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