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Strutt, çala (20  August  1802) Unable to identify with certainty. The following possibilities would have been relevent to WG's research at this time.
Strutt, JosephThe chronicle of England. 1777-1778
Strutt, JosephThe regal and ecclesiastical antiquities of England: containing a compleat series, the representations of all the English monarchs, from Edward the Confessor to Henry the Eighth, together with many of the great persons that were eminent, under their several reigns. The figures are principally introduced in antient delineations of the most remarkable passages of history; and are correctly copied from the originals, which particularly express the dress and customs of the time, to which each piece respectively relates: the whole carefully collected from antient illuminated manuscripts. 1773
Strutt, JosephA complete view of the dress and habits of the people of England from the establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the present time… To which is prefixed an introduction, containing a general description of the ancient habits in use among mankind… (2 volumes in 1) 1794-1799
WG cites Strutt quite a few times in his biography of Chaucer, quoting other authors in Strutt, but without giving the exact title.

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