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Percy, &c (25  March  1802) Percy, ThomasReliques of ancient English poetry, consisting of old heroic ballads, songs, and other pieces of our earlier poets (chiefly of the lyric kind) together with some few of later date. 1745
Mallet, Paul HenriGöransson, Johan (translator of the Edda)Percy, Thomas (translator)Northern antiquities, or, A description of the manners, customs, religion and laws of the ancient Danes, and other Northern nations, including those of our own Saxon ancestors. With a translation of the Edda, or a system of runic mythology, and other pieces, from the ancient Islandic tongue. In two volumes. 1770
Both of the preceding works are cited in WG's biography of Chaucer.
WG's sale catalog lists:
Percy's (Bp.) Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, edited by his Nephew, 3 vol. ( 1794).

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