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Wood, çala (11  January  1802) Wood, Anthony àAthenae Oxonienses, an exact history of all the writers and bishops who have had their education in the most ancient and famous University of Oxford, from the fifteenth year of King Henry the Seventh, Dom. 1500, to the end of the year 1690: representing the birth, fortune, preferment, and death of all those authors and prelates, the great accidents of their lives, and the fate and character of their writings: to which are added, the Fasti, or annals, of the said University for the same time. 1691
Wood, Anthony àHistoria et antiquitates Universitatis oxoniensis, duobus voluminibus comprehensae. (2 volumes in 1) 1674
‘Written in English and translated into Latin, under the direction of Dr. John Fell, by Richard Peers and Richard Reeve.' Wood later rewrote the book in English. (WC)
Wood, Anthony àGutch, John (editor)The history and antiquities of the colleges and halls in the University of Oxford: by Antony Wood, M.A. Now first published in English, from the original manuscsipt [sic] in the Bodleian Library, with a continuation to the present time by the editor, John Gutch… 1786
WG cites the following works in his biography of Chaucer:
Wood, Athenae Oxonienses, vol. I, art. 150 (1:2).
[Ant.] Wood, Hist. & Antiq. Oxon. (1:188).
Wood, History of Colleges in Oxford, by Gutch: College of All Souls (1:485).
WG's sale catalog lists:
Wood's (Anth.) Athenae Oxonienses, with the Fasti, or Annals, 2 vol. 1721 (item 910).

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