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Collins, çala (14  October  1801) Collins, ArthurThe peerage of England: or, an historical and genealogical account of the present nobility. … 1709
Collins, ArthurThe life and glorious actions of Edward prince of Wales, (commonly call'd the Black prince) eldest son of King Edward theThird … Also the history of his royal brother John of Gaunt, king of Castile and Leon, Duke of Lancaster, and father of Henry IV. king of England, … collected from records, manuscripts, and historians. 1740
WG cites the following in his biography of Chaucer:
Collins, Peerage of England: duke of Manchester (1:397).
Collins, Life of the Black Prince (1:462).
WG's sale catalog lists:
Collins's (Arth.) Lives of Edward the Black Prince, and John of Gaunt 1740 (item 147).

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