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Henry's Richd III, pp. 49 (27  August  1801) Henry, RobertLaing, MalcolmThe history of Great Britain from the first invation of it by the Romans under Julius Caesar. Written on a new plan. By Robert Henry, D.D., one of the ministers of Edinburgh. (6 volumes) 1771-1793 London: for the author, sold by T. Cadell
Volume VI was published posthumously, with chapters 5 and 7 and appendix by Malcolm Laing.
The work published 1788-1795 is the 2nd edition; evidently Henry wrote 5 volumes 1771-1785 and Laing wrote volume 6 for 1793.)
WG cites from the following in his biography of Chaucer:
Henry, History of Great Britain, Book ii, ch. 4 (1:7), as well as quoting other authors ‘apud Henry.'
WG's sale catalog lists:
Henry's (Dr. Rob.) History of Great Britain, port. 12 vol. 1800 (item 286).

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