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Olearius (28  December  1800) Olearius, AdamRelation du voyage de Moscovie, Tartarie, et de Perse, fait à l'occasion d'une ambassade envoyée au Grand-Duc de Moscovie et au Roy de Perse, par le Duc de Holstein, depuis l'an 1633, jusques en l'an 1639, traduite de l'allemand du sieur Olearius, … par L.R.D.B. [le Résident de Brandenbourg, Abraham de Wicquefort.] Deux lettres du sieur de Mandelslo au sujet de son voyage des Indes. 1656
Olearius, AdamDavies, John (translator)The voyages & travels of the ambassadors sent by Frederick Duke of Holstein, to the great Duke of Muskovy, and the King of Persia. Begun in the year M.DC.XXXIII. and finish'd in M.DC.XXXIX. Containing a compleat history of Muscovy, Tartary, Persia, and other adjacent countries. With several publick transactions reaching neer the present times, in VII. books. Whereto are added the Travels of John Albert Mandelslo (a gentleman belonging to the embassy) from Persia, into the East-Indies. Containing a particular description of Indostan, the Mogul's Empire, the oriental ilands [sic], Japan, China, &c. and the revolutions which happened in those countries, within these few years; in III books. The whole work illustrated with divers accurate mapps, and figures. Written originally by Adam Olearius, secretary to the embassy. Faithfully rendred into English, by John Davies, of Kidwelly. 1662

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