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Semple, p. 27 (7  November  1799) Semple, GeorgeA treatise on building in water. In two parts. Part I. Particularly relative to the repair and re-building of Essex-Bridge, Dublin, and bridge-building in general, with plans properly suited to the re-building of Ormond-Bridge. Part II. Concerning an attempt to contrive and introduce quick and cheap methods, for erecting stone-buildings and other works, in fresh and salt water, quaking bogs and morasses, for various purposes; fully laid down and clearly demonstrated, by twelve practical propositions, but not in any case exceeding ten fathom deep: together, with a plan for a spacious and commodious harbour for the downs in England, projecting to 20 feet deep at low water. Principally addressed and peculiarly adapted to young and inexperienced readers. Illustrated with sixty-three copper-plates. By George Semple. 1776
Semple, GeorgeHibernia's free trade: or, a plan for the general improvement of Ireland, peculiarly adapted to a free trade. In three parts. Parts I. and II. On building in water, and doing sundry works, in quaking bogs, morasses, &c. such as bridges, roads, inland navigations, moles for reclaiming land, draining bogs, &c. and also, on building substantial stone-piers, to make commodious harbours, light-houses, quays, tongues, &c. in the sea, and other matters that may be useful in all nations. – Part III. On improving the commercial and landed interest in Ireland, and briefly demonstrating, that not only Great-Britain, but the whole British Empire, may gain proportionable advantages thereby. Illustrated with sixty-four copper plates. By George Semple. 1780 2nd edition
OR on a wholly different topic:
Semple, James George (calling himself Semple Lisle)With the circumstances of each fraud, and the names of all the parties, injured: The northern hero: being a faithful narrative of the life, adventures, and deceptions of James George Semple, commonly called Major Semple … Together with an account of his trial, etc. 1786
OR one of several later editions with variant titles.
Unable to identify with certainty. The preceding are possible readings, given WG's interests in Ireland and in notorious crimes.

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