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Bladon's Trials for A. Vol. 7, çala (12  May  1799) Bladon, Samuel (compiler)Trials for adultery, or, The history of divorces: being selected trials at Doctors Commons, for adultery, fornication, cruelty, impotence, &c. from the year 1760, to the present time. Including the whole of the evidence on each cause. Together with the letters, &c. that have been intercepted between the amorous parties. The whole forming a complete history of the private life, intrigues, and amours of many characters in the most elevated sphere: every scene and transaction, however ridiculous, whimsical, or extraordinary, being fairly represented, as becomes a faithful historian, who is fully determin'd not to sacrifice truth at the shrine of guilt and folly. Taken in short-hand by a civilian. 1779-1780

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