William Godwin's Diary

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Read E Canning (11  May  1799) Dodd, James SolasA physical account of the case of Elizabeth Canning: with an enquiry into the probability of her subsisting in the manner therein asserted, and her ability for escape after her suppos'd ill usage. 1753
Bound with John Hill's The story of Elizabeth Canning considered. London: M. Cooper, 1753; Henry Fielding's A clear state of the case of Elizabeth Canning. London: A. Millar, 1753 …. Mary Blandy's The tryal of Mary Blandy, spinster, for the murder of her father, Francis Blandy, Gent. London: J & J Rivington, 1752.
WG probably read this account of Elizabeth Canning, since the volume also contains an account of the trial of Mary Blandy on 1799-05-11, also contained in this volume.

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