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Ireland, cl (7  July  1796) Ireland, SamuelMiscellaneous papers and legal instruments under the hand and seal of William Shakespeare: including the tragedy of King Lear, and a small fragment of Hamlet, from the original mss. in the possession of Samuel Ireland of Norfolk street. 1796
Ireland, SamuelAn investigation of Mr. Malone's claim to the character of scholar, or critic, being an examination of his inquiry into the authenticity of the Shakespeare manuscripts, etc. 1796
Some registers give this item to W. H. Ireland in some 1796 and 1797 editions.
Ireland, SamuelMr. Ireland's vindication of his conduct, respecting the publication of the supposed Shakespeare mss., being a preface or introduction to a reply to the critical labors of Mr.Malone, in his ‘Enquiry into the authenticity of certain papers, &c, &c.' 1796

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