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Hume, V. 6, p. 480-535 (24  June  1795) Hume, DavidThe history of England, from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the revolution in 1688. In six volumes. A new edition corrected. 1762
This was the first edition to collect all six volumes of the history.
Later published as:
Hume, DavidThe history of England: from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688. In eight volumes, illustrated with plates. By David Hume, Esq. A new edition, with the author's last corrections and improvements. To which is prefixed, a short account of his life written by himself. 1788 last edition corrected by author.
WG's sale catalog lists:
Hume's History of England to the Revolution 1688, 8 vols. 1790-1.

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