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Hermippus, p. 48 (2  May  1795) Cohausen, Johann HeinrichHermippus redivivus, sive Exercitatio physico-medica curiosa de methodo rara ad cxv annos prorogandae senectutis per anhelitum puellarum; ex veteri monumento Romano deprompta, nunc artis medicae fundamentis stabilita… 1742
Translated as:
Anon. (Johann Heinrich Cohausen)Campbell, John (translator)Hermippus redivivus: or, the sage's triumph over old age and the grave: Wherein, a method is laid down for prolonging the life and vigour of man. Including a commentary upon an antient inscription, in which this great secret is revealed; supported by numerous authorities: The whole interpreted with a great variety of remarkable, and well attended relations. Trans. John Campbell. 1744

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