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John Bull, p. 30 (16  April  1794) Arbuthnot, JohnLaw is a bottomless-pit exemplify'd in the case of the Lord Strutt, John Bull, Nicholas Frog, and Lewis Baboon; who spent all they had in a law suit. 1712
According to the ‘John Bull' article in the Encyclopedia Britannica, Arbuthnot created the John Bull pamphlets in 1712; John Bull was a very popular character and appeared in many pamphlets throughout the 18th century. This series—Law is a bottomless pit—seems to be the first one to mention John Bull, and the title above the first pamphlet in the series. A new, collected edition of the John Bull pamphlets was published in 1794. OR
Broughton, Sir ThomasThe political history of John Bull; or, The true Englishman, neither a republican nor an aristocrat … Addressed by John Bull to the Right Honourable William Pitt. Also, remarks on the present state of the elective power of the people, and the constitution of Parliament, with propositions for accomplishing an equal and adequate representation of the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament, and a constitutional mode of reform. 1792

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