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Rockm Party (14  March  1794) Godwin, WilliamA defence of the Rockingham party. 1783
WG may be reading his own pamphlet.
OR the following commentary on his work:
AnonymousObservations on a pamphlet entitled A defence of the Rockingham party, with the Right Honourable Frederic L. North: these observations contain also a defence of Lord Shelburne from the charges brought against him, not only by the author of the Defence, but also by the various anonymous writers who have engaged in the same side of the question. 1783
OR other anonymous pamphlets on the same subject:
Account of the views and principles of that connexion of the Whigs, commonly called the Rockingham party. 1782
The letters of a an Englishman in which the principles and conduct, of the Rockingham party, when in administration, and opposition, are freely, and impartially displayed. 1786
The letters of a friend to the Rockingham party, and of an Englishman. 1787

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