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Hawles, pp. 50 (21  January  1794) Possibly:
Hawles, Sir JohnThe English-mans right: a dialogue between a barrister at law and a jury-man: plainly setting forth, I. the antiquity of juries: II. the excellent designed use of juries: III. the office and just privileges of juries, by the law of England. 1680
This work is only 40 pages in length, but later editions are longer:
Hawles, Sir JohnThe juryman's guide, or, the Englishman's right; containing the antiquity, excellent-designed use, duty, and just privileges of juries, by the laws of England, in a familiar dialogue between a barrister and a juryman. 1779 (65 p.) and later editions.
Hawles, Sir JohnRemarks upon the tryals of Edward Fitzharris, Stephen Colledge, Count Coningsmark, the Lord Russel, Collonel Sidney, Henry Cornish, and Charles Bateman as also on the Earl of Shaftsbury's grand jury, Wilmore's Homine replegiando, and the award of execution against Sir Thomas Armstrong. 1689 (104 p.)

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