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Cleveld, p. 38 (13  September  1793) Cleveland, JohnThe life and entertaining adventures of Mr. Cleveland, natural son of Oliver Cromwell. Giving a particular account of his unhappiness in love, marriage, friendship, etc. and his great sufferings in Europe and America. Intermixed with reflections, describing the heart of man in all its variety of passions and disguises; also some particulars of Oliver's history and amours, never before made publick. 1734-1735
Cleaveland, JohnPoems. 1653-54
WG's sale catalog lists: Cleaveland (J.), Poems, 2 editions.
Clieveland, JohnClievelandi Vindiciae, or Clieveland's genuine poems, orations, epistles, etc.: purged from the many false and spurious ones which had usurped his name and from innumerable errours and corruptions in the true copies, to which are added many never printed before, with an account of the author's life. 1677
A variant of the edition with ‘Nath. Brooks' as bookseller did not include the account of the author's life.
WG's sale catalog lists:
Cleaveland (J.), Cleevelandi Vindiciae, or Cleaveland's Genuine Poems, 1677.
Cleveland, JohnThe works of Mr. John Cleveland: containing his poems, orations and epistles: also, The rustick rampant, or, Rural anarchy affronting monarchy, in the insurrection of Wat. Tyler. 1699 (reissue of 1687 editions of these two works)
WG's sale catalog lists:
J. Cleaveland, Poems, also the Rustick Rampant, or Rural Anarchy Affronting Monarchy, 1699.

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