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Henry 6 III (11  August  1792) Shakespeare, WilliamThe Third Part of Henry the Sixt. 1595 Octavo and 1600 Quarto under the title The true tragedy of Richard Duke of York and the good King Henry the Sixth; 1623 Folio, a longer version was published under the title The third part of Henry the Sixt. WG's sale catalog lists several editions of Shakespeare's plays:
Shakespeare's Plays, reprinted from the original quartos, edited by Steevens, 4 vol. 1766.
Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, with notes and various readings, edited by Ed. Capell, 10 vol. 1767.
Shakespeare's Plays and Poems, with notes by Malone, 16 vo. Dubl, 1794.
Shakespeare's Plays, with Explanatory Notes, and Index, by Ayscough 1807-1790 [sic].
Shakespeare's Plays, second edition 1632.

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