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Paine's Letter to Dundas (10  June  1792) Paine, ThomasLetter to the Right Honourable Mr. Secretary Dundas, from Thomas Paine, author of The rights of man, Common sense, &c &c. To which is added, The address and declaration respecting the French revolution, and the reduction of taxes; also, the resolutions of the London, Sheffield, and Manchester Societies for Constitutional Information. 1792
Paine, ThomasA letter to Mr. Secretary Dundas, one of His Majesty's principal secretaries of state and treasurer of the Navy, in answer to his speech on the late excellent proclamation, first published in a patriotic paper entitled the Argus. 1792 London
Paine, ThomasA letter from Mr. Paine to Mr. Secretary Dundas: on his opening the debate in the House of Commons, on the proclamation of the 25th of May, for suppressing publications, &c wherein is answered the cavils of other court-parasites against his Rights of man, interesting to every American. 1792 New York
Paine, ThomasA letter to Mr. Secretary Dundas: in answer to his speech on the late proclamation. Together with two letters addressed to Lord Onslow, Chairman of the meeting at Epsom, June 18, 1792, convened to address His Majesty on the late proclamation against seditious writings, issued May 21, 1792, and directed particularly against the second part of Paine's Rights of man. 1792
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Paine's (Tho.) Political Works, Rights of Man, &c; 2 vol., no date.

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