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Marmontel, p. 86 (20  March  1806) Marmontel, Jean FrançoisNouveaux contes moraux. 1792
The first edition of Contes Moraux ( 1761) was published in two volumes only. In the 1792 (printed for J. Bew) English translation there were 4 volumes. OR
Marmontel, Jean FrançoisMémoires, volumes 1-4 of Oeuvres posthumes de Marmontel, … imprimees sur la manuscrit autographe de l'auteur. 1804
Eleven volumes were published between 1804-1806 (volumes 1-4 published in 1804) and notes the following: ‘I-IV. Mémoires; V-VI. Régence du duc d'Orléans; VII. Logique; VIII. Métaphysique; IX. Morale; X. Grammaire; XI. Mélanges.'
WG reads a 4-volume work by or about Marmontel between 1806-03-20 and 1806-04-03.

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